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CLUB REGISTRATION FEE July  $100 Due at Registration 
CLUB DUES (Annual)Aug/Oct/Dec/Feb$1700  (4x $425) U11 - U14 Ages 
CLUB DUES (Annual)Oct 20/Dec 20/Mar 1st$1500   (3x $500) U15 - U19 HS Ages
 National League Showcases Various Venues$400 Per Showcase
 Regional League - GLC - USYS  Aug & Apr$250 Per Season  - U13/14 play both Fall & Spring 
 Regional League - GLA -US Club  Aug & Apr $250  Per Season - U13/14 play both Fall & Spring
 College Showcase Tournaments  TBA$300                 As Quoted
 Club Selected Tournaments  TBA $175 - $200 As Quoted
 Club Selected Events - Disney etc TBA $400 As Quoted 
UNIFORMS (Puma) TBA Approx $325 + taxRequired Uniform Package- order online through this website 

We reserve the right to change the fees at any time.


Payment Policy

-  FC Evolution North charges fees for the whole year and you are responsible for full year fees upon acceptance of a roster spot

There are no discounts, customized or pro-rated fees or refundable deposits upon acceptance of a roster spot

- Even in the event of an unfortunate injury or change of plans, families are still be responsible for full fees upon acceptance of a roster      spot

-  Notifying the Club Director is the only way to turn down a roster spot. Telling a coach or team manager is NOT an acceptable 
   communication vehicle. ([email protected])

- Our club/team expenses are paid well ahead of time and don't disappear, therefore we expect payment and commitment of payment of    full fees upon acceptance of a roster spot

- In the event that a player decides to leave FC Evolution, families fully agree and accept fiduciary responsibility to pay any and all 
  outstanding club fees/dues prior to receiving their respective player(s) official release 

- Accounts not paid within 30 days of designated due dates will be assessed a $25 late fee and monthly interest rate of .83%.  Not to exceed 10% per year. 

- Any accounts over 90 days past due will be turned into a collection service.

- As a member of FC Evolution we assume your participation for the entire soccer year and will bill accordingly.  You may cancel at anytime, but cancellation must be done in writing.  Upon cancellation, all applicable fees are due in full.   No refunds or discounts are given for cancellations that occur during a given session. 

- All session fees must be paid in full prior to the start of each session to avoid player ineligibility, no exceptions. 


  • Players are invited to join FC Evolution North based on a full one year commitment  WE PAY FOR YOUR TEAM ENTRY INTO THE LEAGUES, MONTHS IN ADVANCE. 
  • Upon acceptance of a roster spot, your full year long commitment is expected
  • Your respective team relies on your commitment
  • Not committing to a full year creates a significant disadvantage for your team, which is relying on the player, and has used the projected team budget for league, training and tournament fees
  • There will be a late fee of $25 if you miss a deadline for payment
  • There are no additional registrations from session-to-session
  • FC Evolution North will consider your roster spot available to other interested players from outside of the club if you choose not to participate during a session and your roster spot may not be available upon your return
  • You are still responsible for your session fee if you don't participate in a specific session
  • Anyone who chooses to sit out a session will not be permitted to rejoin his/her respective team until the following session begins unless they are current with their fees
  • FC Evolution requires 4 weeks notice before the start of the next session, that must be sent to the Club Director, if you are sitting out a session. 
  • It is the sole responsibility of the family to notify Club Director Wayne Jentas via e-mail at [email protected] upon deciding not to participate in a session. Notifying your manager by text or phone is NOT acceptable. 
  • If you fail to contact the Club Director you will be expected to pay the fees in full as normal, regardless of participation
  • FC Evolution North WILL NOT provide Player Passes to Guest for another team. 


  • Once you have accepted and committed to a tournament roster spot, you will be responsible for the tournament fee regardless of participation
  • There are no customized tournament fees based on individual availability


  • FC Evolution will move to Puma Uniforms in the fall 2020 
  • The Club will use a two year cycle of uniforms to make sure the players are kept in up to date sizes and brands.
  • FC Evolution is not responsible for the cost of any changes if you order the wrong sizes......and all orders are made online directly to Soccer Post 

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